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We like the moon! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Feb 2005|12:01pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So I had some fun pictures I wanted to post here..but..I accidently deleted them at a wee hour in the morning..so here's an old photograph I like a lot...
Hmmm..Collapse )

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[25 Feb 2005|01:41am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm new =] lol i`m sure everybody knows that since i never posted anything :P well just took some pic's outside of my house... i thought maybe i would post them up here <3

And somebody told me that this quote means something else...

Too many pic's not to be under lj-cut =]Collapse )

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[04 Jun 2004|03:35pm]

just letting you all know, i'm moving. friends only lj. no more of this dramatic crap.

x-posted to all of the communities i'm a part of, as i'll be rejoining them all under my other name.
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[29 Apr 2004|07:35pm]


a church about a half mile from here. we were there for my great gramma's birthday party, and that sign had been like that for months before then. it used to be changed weekly, but i guess they found a keeper for that week's sermon xD.
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My Asian Fest pics, finally! [17 Apr 2004|12:14am]

[ mood | tired ]

These are out of order, and there are a ton of them but here they are....

Korean Modern DanceCollapse )

Japanese SongCollapse )

Korean Traditional DanceCollapse )

Kumdo? (Kendo)Collapse )

Chinese TraditionalCollapse )

Tae Kwon DoCollapse )

Japanese Modern DanceCollapse )

Japanese Traditional DanceCollapse )

Korean SongCollapse )

Japanese Traditional Dance 2Collapse )

Fashion ShowCollapse )

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Cross-posted in my journal, sorry! ^^ [26 Mar 2004|08:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

From this.

To this.

To this.

This is the Metropolitan Museum of Art field trip. Wo0t.Collapse )

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First pictures~! [17 Mar 2004|05:16pm]


Just snow? Or modern art? Or a sign from the paranormal? DooDOOdoooo~!

Yay for dysfunctional gutters!

<3 Kasai
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We like the community! [14 Mar 2004|12:43am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Weehee~ First entry. Welcome, nobody!

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